Common Symptoms often Corrected by Atlas Re-alignment


In order to have proper blood flow to the Brain the Atlas must be in the proper position. If the Atlas is subluxated/misaligned it will begin to create a disturbance to the blood vessels and nerves at the base of the skull. This disturbance will disrupt blood flow and cause headaches. By gently correcting the position of the atlas Dr. Kerr restores normal blood flow to the head.


Pinched nerve is a term used when a nerve becomes compressed or irritated on it’s way out of the spine. 95% of pinched nerves can be corrected with the Atlas Orthogonal procedure. Correct position of the Atlas allows the nerves to flow freely to their destination.


Discs herniate because of increased pressure on them. Distortions in alignment can change pressure on the discs. Over time the discs herniate but as you correct the Atlas the compensatory misalignment and the abnormal pressure will be reduced. This will allow the discs to re-hydrate and restore their intended shape.


Pain is a signal from the body to the person that there is a problem. Where the pain is, is not always where the cause is. An example of this is that a person’s Atlas can be subluxated/misaligned and that person may be feeling pain in the lower back, arm etc. The correction for the problem at the bottom of the spine is at the top of the spine.


Muscle spasms, though they cause pain, are a natural response of the body to protect itself. As you come into alignment the brain will send impulses to the muscle via nerves that the contracture/spasm is no longer needed. Normal muscular balance will be restored as the Atlas remains in balance.