Q & A

Why is the atlas bone so important?

Atlas (C1) is responsible for alignment of the entire spine.
When the atlas bone is in proper alignment there is no interference between the brain and its communication with the rest of the body. Also, structural posture is in its optimal position.
When the atlas bone is misaligned health problems are magnified:
1. Muscles work much harder to hold up the head which is off centered from the spine.
2. There is interference and impedance surrounding the spinal cord and nerves that extend from it, which innervate and control all parts of our body.
3. Various problems in the neck, mid back, low back and extremities will occur in an attempt to compensate for atlas misalignment.

Does the adjustment hurt?

Unlike Chiropractic manipulative treatment the adjustment with the AO instrument is painless and does NOT incorporate any popping, cracking or twisting of the neck or spine.

Will this procedure help my low back pain?

Yes. When the atlas bone is misaligned there are compensating structural changes throughout the entire spine. When atlas is in it’s proper position the spine does not have to compensate, low back problems improve and often disappear. Other therapies may help treat symptoms, but low back problems will not fully heal until atlas misalignment is corrected.

How long will it take to feel better?

Most patients will begin to feel better immediately and continue to improve as the course of treatment progresses. Nerves that have damage or are significantly irritated take approximately 90 days to heal. A patient will become free of symptoms well before 90 days but the goal is to have nerves that are functioning at 100%.